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New The Maze Runner Posters

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I missed two solid weeks of these so now I feel bad. I’m sorry this is kind of a rush job but I literally just got home from SDCC and I’m trying super hard to catch up! 

This giveaway is going to be a little different since I want to give people more than just a few hours to enter - so rather than ending tonight I’ll end it on Wednesday.

  • Someone is going to win a lacrosse hoodie
  • Any size, any character (new characters are coming soon-ish)
  • Shipped anywhere
  • Like and/or reblog to enter! Don’t spam or be a jerk because it’ll break the notes and ruin my day. 
  • This giveaway ends on WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th at 10 PM, PST.

!BONUS! This week’s winner will also get one of the SDCC EXCLUSIVE BEASTIARIES. I managed to grab a couple extra at the con. The beastiary and the hoodie will ship separately but to the same address, free of charge. 

As always, hoodies are available here.

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I want to thank all of you for following me! I don’t even know how I have so many followers, but I want to thank you all -you’re fantastic - so here’s a giveaway to show how much I appreciate you guys. You have to put up with the laziest blogger in the world on your dash.

The books I have chosen are books I love and that I found out about through Tumblr. Now I want to share with others because they’re so brilliant!


  1. This is open internationally, thanks to BookDepository
  2. You must be following me, since this is a big thank you to my followers. I will check.
  3. There will be one winner.
  4. The winner gets to choose one of the above in hardback, or two in paperback as long as they cost under $30NZD
  5. Likes and reblogs both count.
  6. The giveaway closes July 31st - I will message the winner & they will have 48 hours to reply with their choice, or I’ll pick a new winner.
  7. The winner will have to give me their address. I promise I’ll use it only for the giveaway and delete it afterwards.
  8. If you have any questions about the giveaway, ask away. Or if you just want to ask questions/ talk in general, I promise I don’t bite. :)

Oh, and, a big thank you to happy-stabby for the banner. You truly are a star (hehe sorry I couldn’t resist the star puns, Stella)

One more day, Folks! This closes on the 30th (AKA tomorrow), I’ll be picking winners either the 31st or the 1st, because a) I live in New Zealand, and we’re the first country in the world to get the sun, so I’m giving my foreign followers the chance to sneak a reblog on their 30th, and b) I’m busy Thursday afternoon, so I’ll see if I can pick and announce/notify the winners then. Good luck! I’d give a book to every single one of you if I could. :)

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“Bringing a book as a traveling companion is to travel in two dimensions, simultaneously. On the one hand, I’m physically traveling, going from point A to point B. On the other hand, my mind is traveling too, but through a story.”

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